Go Pitch

Go… dream up your best business idea yet
Pitch… the business you’ve always wanted
Win… the prize to get it done!


What we’re all about 👋


Go Pitch Win is a new podcast from Jungle Scout that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea to Greg Mercer and other industry thought leaders. Do you have a new business that needs seed money? Or a new project that you’re ready to get up and going? This is the opportunity you have been looking for. Each episode will have 2 entrepreneurs pitching their idea, but only 1 winner will be selected. The winner will move forward in the competition and one of the original ten will win the $10,000 prize.

We are currently accepting applications for the podcast. If you think you have an amazing new business, product or project to pitch, apply here. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Moving towards the fine print

There is a $10k prize for the winning pitch, plus some other goodies that will help you out along the way. Greg will select a winner from the finalists.

Get your pitching skills at the ready!

I want to apply!

* Please read these terms carefully and ensure that you understand the conditions of entering the Go Pitch Win podcast. We reserves the right to withdraw applicants who are subsequently found to be ineligible or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to. We reserves the right to amend the podcast or it’s provision without notice.


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