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Greg Mercer

Full Name

September 4, 1987

Date of Birth

Washington DC


Austin, TX

Current Location

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Liz Saunders

Business Development for Greg Mercer

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5 Tips To Becoming A Millionaire By Selling On Amazon

INC. Magazine

28-year-old Greg Mercer is one of the new breed of Millennial Entrepreneurs who understands how to launch a successful start-up that generates sales quickly. In less than two years he has gone from being a solo entrepreneur earning a few thousand per month to building a business that generates over $400k per month exclusively through Amazon sales.

How Greg Mercer Started An Amazon Business That Raised $18k For Charity

Forbes Magazine

In today’s world, filled with Internet entrepreneurs and experts vying for attention in a cluttered online space, there is a prevailing trend of each person speaking louder than the next. The resulting cacophony is enough to leave anyone confused and disheartened.

Put People First: The Secret To Startup Growth For This Founder

The Huffington Post

Sometimes your greatest influences are history’s antiheroes. Such is the case for Greg Mercer, Founder of Amazon product research tool, Jungle Scout.

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