I’m Greg

I’m a founder and CEO with a passion for bootstrapping, tech and philanthropy. Nice to meet you! 👍


Washington DC, born and raised 🇺🇸


As a public speaker and educator, I’m interested in big data, technology, ecommerce and travel, all of which play a big part in my work and life.

With a background in civil engineering, I quickly grew tired of the status quo and figured out how to replace my income by selling on Amazon. Since then I’ve gone on to build several bootstrapped SaaS tools at Jungle Scout, that help other people do the same.

I want to share with an open mind how perseverance and getting over the fear of failure can allow any entrepreneurs dreams become reality.


Always Building


When I left my job as a civil engineer, I knew I wanted to build something. My own explorations into the world of ecommerce opened up a whole new life for me, and that is where my idea to build a software company was born.

From a scrappy MVP to a successful, bootstrapped SaaS company with over 30 employees in less than three years, Jungle Scout is now the leading tool for product research.

I’m not a developer, and when I started out, I wasn’t a marketer either. I’m a self-taught motivator that started out with a good idea, and turned it into a great product that is used by tens of thousands of ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Building a SaaS tool and building a remote team have been hugely rewarding for me, and I want to share my experiences to help others in every way possible!





Building software is one thing. Building a community is what has really made the difference. Sharing industry leading content, free case studies and forming a huge community of entrepreneurs have been some of the most exciting things I’ve ever worked on.

I have used this platform to provide educational content to thousands, as well as doing public speaking and podcasts about all things tech, building a startup and philanthropic missions.

I’m interested in sharing the things I have learnt about entrepreneurship, tech and bootstrapping. No frills, just an honest insight into the lessons I have taken away.

I’d love to hear from you if you want to work with me, or have me speak on a podcast or at an event.

Giving Back


At its core, Jungle Scout was built to be a launching pad for entrepreneurs. That is what motivated me to build something successful.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the most powerful lever we have for empowerment and self growth.

The benefits can have a net positive effect, and also influence positive opportunities to give something back.

Through the profits from a public case study, Jungle Scout has been supporting Doctors without Borders and Pencils of Promise.

I’d love to chat if you are interested in finding out more about introducing philanthropic projects within a startup, and how important this is.


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