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Welcome to my online résumé


A serial entrepreneur and investor, Greg is the founder and CEO of a suite of tools to empower Amazon sellers as well as multiple physical product brands.

He loves to think and write about Amazon sales, big data and building company culture for a remote team of 20+ employees.

Each month, you can find Greg at a new co-working space in a different country. He and his wife live a worldwide digital nomad life in a never-ending quest to expand their knowledge, creativity and find the world’s best coffee.

Currently, you’ll get him excited about thinking bigger and projects that have a massive reach, positively affecting millions or tens of millions of people.

Welcome to my online résumé

A few of Greg’s companies:
I love Jungle Scout’s creator, Greg Mercer. He has a teacher’s heart. He doesn’t just create a tool. He educates his users all about succeeding on Amazon and using Amazon as a tool for personal success.

Robert Kiyosaki

In October, 2015, I started a massive case study of how to launch a product on Amazon, where we would donate all proceeds to a non-profit. Using our own software, we chose eco-friendly bamboo marshmallow sticks, aptly named Jungle Stix. The case study is an ongoing project currently selling around $15-20k/month on Amazon.

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Contact Information

Thanks for visiting! I would love it if I could chat with everyone who emails me, unfortunately with the incredible volume I receive each day, it just isn’t possible. Except for a few specialized situations (investment opportunities, speaking inquiries and media inquiries), feel free to reach out to me on twitter.

Please note that I do not offer coaching or consulting.